Welcome to Westfield FC

Welcome to Westfield FC, where youth soccer finds its home in the heart of Westfield, Massachusetts. We are more than just a soccer organization; we are a passionate community dedicated to nurturing young talent, fostering sportsmanship, and building character on and off the field.

At Westfield FC, our mission is clear: to empower our youth through the beautiful game of soccer. We believe that sports have the power to shape not only athletes but also responsible, confident, and respectful individuals who will thrive in all aspects of life. We strive to provide an environment where children can develop their soccer skills, make lasting friendships, and learn valuable life lessons.

Westfield FC Shop

Click the link below to visit the Westfield FC Shop, your destination for all things Westfield soccer.  Whether you're a player, a dedicated fan, or a proud parent, our shop has something for you. Deck yourself out in Westfield FC colors, wear your pride on your sleeve, and join us in celebrating the love of soccer that unites our community. Shop now and be a part of the Westfield FC family, both on and off the field.

Field Locations

350 Southampton Rd, Westfield, MA 01085

798 Airport Industrial Park Rd, Westfield, MA 01085