Westfield FC

Become a Referee

Thanks for inquiring about opportunities to referee for Westfield FC!

We are always looking for new referees to be a part of our team. Becoming a soccer referee is easier than most think, and we provide the training, uniforms,and offer competitive pay. Below are some quick FAQ's to help you decide if you want to be a part of our referee group: 

How old do I have to be to referee?

We accept applications from anyone 14 and older.                                                                                 

Do I need any special certifications or licensing to referee?

While we can provide resources such as listings of certification courses by MassRefs to obtain state certification, it is not required in our league as a prerequisite. We perform most of our referee training in-house. However, pay scales are higher for any referee state certified and/or returning referees.

Is there a lot of travel involved?

 No. For the in-town youth soccer program, the games are currently played at Stanley Park and several town school fields only. 

When are games played?

Currently the in-town program runs games Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons only.         

Is there a lot of information and rules memorization required?

I've watched a lot of soccer but never really knew all the rules. If you have watched soccer, you actually probably already know more than you think! We currently follow the same Rules of the Game as high school soccer. Currently there are less than 20 total rules of the game. In addition to some local rules variations, it is very easy to learn, and again we provide all training, rules books, uniforms, etc..

When does your league play?

 We currently play from early September through the end of October.                                                 

What if I can't commit to working every weekend, or every weekend day?

That's why we keep a large roster of referees. We realize people have personal obligations, and schedule out week to week for staffing games to accommodate everyone's schedules..

Will I referee alone or with an assistant?

In our lower 5/6 year old age groups, most games have a 1 referee system. In all of our other older divisions, we have a 2 referee system.

How would I deal with conflicts with coaches, players, and spectators?

That is all covered in the comprehensive referee training. You will have a full support system available to you. Many board members are referees, coaches, and coordinators who will be available to step in at the fields for conflict resolution situations.

What is the pay scale to be a referee?

Our pay scale is experienced based, however even our lowest entry level pay is well above minimum wage. The more experience you gain, the more your pay increases.

How often do you pay referees?

Currently all referees are paid for all collective games on the 1rst of every month.                            

How do I get started?

Contact our current Referee Coordinator Chris DeGray at Hannah@westfieldfc.net for more info any time of year. Training sessions take place in late July/early August every year.